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Compensation Management

Audit of the remuneration model

The remuneration model of a company, among others, determines the following aspects:


  • Ability to attract and retain talent.
  • Internal equity among the salaries of the organization.
  • External competitiveness with respect to the reference labor market.
  • Degree of rigidity of salary costs.
  • The expertise accumulated by CEINSA in the more than 20 years of its history allows us to audit the remuneration system of your organization.


Analyze the current remuneration concepts and, using the methodology created by CEINSA, allows us to propose an improvement plan that would serve to define a new model of remuneration that is more flexible and adapted to the real needs of the organization and the configuration of the market.


The CEINSA methodology in this regard, structures its analysis around the following critical points:


Auditoria del modelo retributivo empresarial