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People first
Do you want to clearly show that people are at the centre of your company's strategy?

We support you to do it

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The healthier your organization is, the happier and more productive your employees will be.

Do we try?

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Moments that matter
A positive employee experience is essential to attract talent and to increase motivation.

May we help you on this?

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KPIs - dashboard
Are you really measuring the health of your organization?

You can do it with On People

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agile management
The world has substantially changed during the last two years. Have you already updated your compensation policy?

Let’s analyse what are the best options for your company, right now.

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hot job
Identify and motivate the key positions can be critical to improve the efficiency of your organization.

Is it already done?

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pay equity
Gender parity as one way to have a balanced compensation policy.

Have you already audited your gender pay gap?

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The health of organizations is measured by the motivation and commitment of their employees and working teams.

That’s why we help the Human Resources departments to implement total compensation policies and personal development plans to attract and retain the talent they need.

What are the basics of our approach?

To improve the health of an organization we have to work in three directions:

Compensation as a strategic tool

Rewarding only with money, makes less and less sense.

It’s not about paying more, it’s about paying better.

It’s about aligning company objectives with personal development and family conciliation

It’s about giving the best possible employee experience.

Being competitive

Being equitable

Adding Value

Variable and Flex Compensation

Talent focused on reaching their goals

Recognise and take care of your talent and  they will put “everything” on the line to reach the organization goals.

Team players make everyone shine. Try talent without focus, without leadership, without feedback, … and they will get distracted and unmotivated.


Agile Lidership

Talent Maps

Systemic improvement

CORE program

An agile and clear organizational model

The quality and efficiency of the organizational model depends on its consistency with the coherence between the organization strategy and the environment.

That is why we propose a structure that can evolve and adapt to day to day changing needs.


Positions and roles

Job evaluation

Organization chart



Our blog specialises in news and trends in the world of compensation.

We share with you the present and future of compensation and everything that is being designed and implemented.



The lab. that builds up our salary surveys and reports, now  for almost  30 years;

…. because expertise comes from research and information analysis.


on people

Digitalisation the Human Resources departments is always a challenge.

On People  facilitates the creation of organizational and management models and to generate the information required for decision making.

let’s talk

We help you

Do you want to know more ?  

We offer a 30-minute online meeting for free.

Depending on the subject and the issue at hand, the appropriate consultant will contact you via e-mail.

Request a meeting with us


The reed has the perfect balance between flexibility and strength, and it can endure any storm. That’s also who we are and our starting point to collaborate with you.

We worked with CEINSA to implement new compensation policies in our company.

Beyond the professionalism they showed, I’d like to highlight their incredible closeness and their ability to understand our philosophy and values. They did not implement only a new methodology, but they guided and supported us with key aspects of talent management, helping us to grow and to improve our talent attraction and retention rates.

Cristina Patier

Mutua de Navarra

Only good things to say. I’d like to emphasise their agility and flexibility that allows you to get what you want. They do their job and do it fast and on top of that, they always do it with a smile in their face because they are incredibly warm.

I can only thank them for digitalising my ideas.

Martin Cambeiro

Meliá Hoteles

I’ve been working with CEINSA for more than 17 years and it’s always been a pleasure to deal with professional experts in people management, always efficient and with a high service orientation.

Laura Guimerá

Laboratorios Inibsa


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

CEINSA (Centro de Operaciones, S.L.)  is supported by ERDF with in the ICEX Next program  supporting  our international development. 

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