Salary Benchmarking

Reliable and up-to-date information to establish your
own salary structure.

Set and update salaries.

Having real salary information for your industry, geographic area, and broken down by other variables makes a big difference in your favor when it comes to having a competitive (without going overboard) and motivating (without falling short) policy.

With our salary benchmarking service, you can:

Com nosso serviço de benchmarking salarial, você poderá:

Know what others are doing

You are not the only company in your market. That's why you need to know what others are doing to be competitive in terms of salaries, without necessarily being the highest payer for every position.

Create attractive compensation proposals

Information is power. The power to understand what people in your organization can find elsewhere and, on the other hand, know what it may "cost" you to hire the professionals you need.

Retain, attract, and motivate

In a talent scarcity moment, it is especially important to identify trends in salary policies, observe how the competition is evolving, and thereby understand what can increase your attractiveness as a company and make the best professionals choose you.

Salary reports and analysis, the best
investment to stay up-to-date.

CEINSA began its activity 30 years ago with the CEINSA Remuneration Report. We were pioneers. We continue to research, compare, and evolve in the statistical analysis of salary information.

Advanced descriptive

Pioneers in the application of advanced statistical techniques for salary calculation. We offer practical reports with extensive segmentation criteria based on both job data and incumbents’ information.

Reliability and

We start from real data from companies, not hiring salaries (which sometimes reflect specific needs and not general criteria). This makes our reports much more reliable for implementing your compensation policy.

More than a
general report

The general report is not always what you need. That’s why we have 20 sector-specific reports (by industry and geography). Consult with us and we’ll determine which ones are best for you.

We create your
custom report

Sector associations, geographical regions, and groups of companies have trusted us to create their own salary report. It is the best tool to have specific and valuable information in the field of compensation.

Collaborating has its rewards

Participate in our salary survey and enjoy significant benefits and discounts when purchasing our reports.

Our work doesn't end with providing you salary reports.

We can assist you in analyzing the salary information from our reports and help you understand how to apply them in your company. With the support of our Consulting department, you’ll be able to answer questions such as:

  • What information should I compare?
  • What is the appropriate percentile for us?
  • Should I only consider base salary or is total compensation more appropriate?
  • Should I examine data from my geographical area or from all regions? Should I analyze data for all positions?

Salary estimates

For positions not included in the report or very specific cases, we can conduct a custom salary study. We complement the information from our salary database with other variables based on our expertise, obtaining the ideal market salary.

A wide variety of reports.

Sector-specific reports.

Segmented remuneration reports by sectors and geographical areas. Discover salaries for relevant positions and differences between regions.

Gender equality reports.

Discover the evolution of women’s representation in executive positions, segmented by sectors, and compare it with the salaries of men. This crucial information allows you to analyze the salary situation of women in your company.

Salary evolution reports

Salary increases, salary evolution in relation to the Consumer Price Index (CPI), variable compensation… All kinds of reports to keep you updated on salary trends.

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