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Strategic HR management software

on people is the result of 30 years of experience in strategic HR consulting.

on people users:

Transform the HR management of your company with on people.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is crucial to have efficient and customizable tools to enhance Human Resources management.

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With on people, you will be able to:

Define your framework of action.

on people provides you with relevant data and information so that you can define HR management objectives and develop action plans aligned with the organization’s needs.

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Automate HR processes.

Save time and streamline internal processes to make them robust, efficient, and aligned with the company’s needs. Optimize the organizational model, total compensation policies, talent management and development… and much more!

Make strategic decisions.

A highly customizable talent mapping tool that allows you to cross-reference talent information with compensation levels, enabling you to identify trends, detect issues, and make informed decisions.

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Efficiency and effectiveness in HR management

on people is the perfect combination of experience and versatility. Discover the advantages of integrating an advanced Human Resources management tool into your organization.

We speak your language

Implementing HR processes can be complex without prior experience. Don’t worry, you are not alone! At CEINSA, we provide strategic support for the implementation of HR processes.

Integrated and modular solution

A comprehensive Human Resources software that covers all specific needs of your company and adapts to its requirements. Everything you need in one place.

An "EXPERT" solution

on people has been designed by HR experts and is conceived from the outset to cover all strategic areas of your department.

From start to finish

We implement your compensation and talent management model or help you design the most suitable one for you.

Support and updates by specialists

You will have the assistance of people management experts during the software implementation, support, and updates.

Agile implementation and integration

Quick implementation and easy integration with other company applications.

¿Quieres implementar el mejor modelo de compensación y talento para tu empresa?

Con nuestro servicio de consultoría estratégica podremos ayudarte a diseñarlo e implantarlo en el software.

A complete and integrated solution for people management

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It is structured into 3 key areas:

Business Organization

Promote an organizational structure that evolves and adapts to the organization’s present, ensuring quality and efficiency in the company’s strategy. on people has its own proven methodologies that allow building a clear and seamless organization.

Organigrama funcional
Estructura salarial


on people enables comprehensive management of the compensation policy in your company, allowing you to ensure an equitable, competitive, and motivating policy:

  • Salary structure based on internal equity criteria.
  • Integration of the CEINSA Salary Bank to ensure salary competitiveness.
  • Flexible remuneration and objective management systems to ensure alignment with the company’s objectives and priorities.

Performance, Competencies, and Potential

Digitize your competency map, goal formulation, performance evaluation, follow-up interviews, training management, and…

Detect issues, opportunities, and establish your development policies with the unique highly customizable talent map in the market, fully integrated with the compensation area.

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A modular software that fits you like a glove

Every company is different and requires personalized HR management. That’s why on people is a modular and configurable software that adapts to your specific needs. Take a look at on people’s modules!



Store all personal, professional, academic, and remuneration information of all employees along with their evolution within the company.

Job Positions

Describe and evaluate all job positions rigorously using the integrated methodology.


What does your workforce need to perform their duties? Software licenses, equipment, tools, uniforms, PPE…


Salary Structure

Measure your internal equity and compare with market data to know your level of external competitiveness, and define your salary bands.

Salary Gap

Visualize salary records and all necessary data for conducting compensation audits.

Objectives and Incentives

Flexibilize your payroll and align the organization with company objectives by defining your variable compensation policy.

Increment Management

Design and implement a salary increment policy in line with the defined compensation policy and the real contribution of each collaborator.



Measure the value contribution of each employee, their knowledge, potential, and goal achievement, and define personalized professional development plans.

Needs Detection

Easily identify the best profiles for required job positions. Detect existing gaps in your organization and prepare the most suitable training plans.


Access all courses, students, calls, didactic material, faculty, associated costs, and employee evaluations.


Define vacancies, monitor candidates, and track all internal and external recruitment activities.

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